Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we offer 24x7x365 coverage across all channels - chat, voice, social media, tickets
We partner with B2B SaaS companies that are complex to setup but deliver high value to their customers. We have worked with complex CRM tools, financial management tools, and complex ERP tools.
For every 7 agents, we have a dedicated team leader, a dedicated quality manager, a dedicated trainer, and a shared operations manager.
Both Founders are Serial Entrepreneurs. The overall group has over 500+ people working with them. The group is 13 years old and cash positive from Year 1.
We have over 200+ employees and have plans for expansion in 2023.
Yes. We have teams in India, Philippines, and Columbia with headquarters in US and India.
We typically require at least 1 month notice to add or remove a team member. However, we will work with you based on the urgency/issue to expedite the process.
Yes. We can handle a 20% increase in capacity at any time as the Team Leads and other members would jump in to the queue in the event of an outage/critical event.
Yes we will have dedicated staff assigned to WebPT and they will serve as an extension of your internal team.
Our company’s purpose is to improve lives by making technology deliver more value to users. Every team member lives, breathes, and works each day through our purpose and core values. The company values are ingrained into all our processes right from the hiring phase. This ensures consistency and reliability without the need to micro manage the team.
Our core values are
  • Deliver Great Results
  • Have an Open Communication Across All Levels
  • Help Each Other Succeed and Check Ego at the Door
  • Continuously Improve
  • Have Fun While Serving Others
  • Make Thoughts into Things

Yes, we offer advanced troubleshooting at every interaction. We do this by adding “advanced support reps” to our team who are trained on troubleshooting in the same way that the internal team would do. We then measure the % of escalations to the internal team and work on reducing the number of advanced questions that are sent to the internal team.

Yes. We do a weekly review with the Director of Support and a Monthly and Quarterly Presentation to VP of Support at no additional cost. The format of our presentations is provided below. These slides can be used by WebPT’s leadership team as part of their overall presentation to the board or other team members internally.
It normally takes us 2 weeks to hire a new employee and get them into the onboarding process. We keep a buffer of agents available at all times to account for absenteeism, holidays, etc. This allows us to add additional team members quickly.
Average length of Employment is 2.6 years.
Yes, we can support emails, tickets, and even social media conversations.
Yes we can respond to phone tickets i.e tickets created after a team member talks to a client via phone.

Yes, QA is one of our core competencies and strengths that is difficult to match by others. We have a dedicated QA team member who will QA around 6% of all conversations. Our QA team has its own metric called CSA (Customer Service Assurance).

This measures each conversation across the following parameters: Conversation, Troubleshooting, Efficiently Used Resources, Soft Skills, Ticket Quality Once the conversations are measured, we display the scores on a dashboard that allows our team to ensure we deliver high quality and catch any issues before they escalate.

Yes, we are HIPAA compliant. We are also GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant.
We have completed over 1 million chats using Salesforce Live Agent so we know how to integrate with the platform with a negligible learning curve.

Equinox has two training programs for our agents - an initial training program during onboarding and an on-going training program after the onboarding. We will dedicate an internal Equinox trainer to WebPT who will get the initial training from your team. The initial training will be conducted onsite at our location where we will fly down one of your trainers at our cost and host them at a hotel close to our center.

Once our initial team and internal trainer gets the training, we will create our own internal training system including our own training packets based on the material you provide.

For ongoing training our internal trainer will connect with your training team on a weekly basis to maintain and update our training program. They will gather the latest updates in the system and ensure that the information is handed down to all agents.

Yes. We take your content and then create our own slide decks, videos, and examples so our agents can learn your system effectively.

Yes. As mentioned above, our internal dedicated trainer will conduct all future trainings for our new agents and also conduct regular refresher courses to update the knowledge base of existing agents.

Yes, we take your documentation and make it our own with regular refreshes and updates. We also share back with the internal teams as needed/helpful.

  • Us: Direct experience helping other SaaS companies scale from their current size to being 10x larger. We can anticipate challenges and serve as a Consultant Service Provider to help you scale in a cost effective manner. We have completed over 2 million conversations in the last 6 years using industry standard support tools with an average customer satisfaction score of 90+.
  • Others: Have general experience across multiple industries but do not have a deep understanding of scaling a SaaS support infrastructure
  • Us: We focus on customer satisfaction and specialize in SaaS support. We nimbly adjust to your needs and have the company’s full leadership team attending to your growth. We become an extension of your team, not just another outside vendor.
  • Others: Perform as vendors who are simply looking to fill seats.
  • Us: Our trainers are already familiar with complex B2B software tools used so the onboarding process will be shorter. We know how to communicate effectively with business users so they get the most out of the system.
  • Others: Will need extensive training on CRM tools that cater to small businesses.
  • Us: The leadership team is located in the US
  • Others: Sales team located locally but executive team is remote
  • Us: No costs for training and onboarding and we match industry standard costs once we go live.Overhead and management costs are included in per agent pricing.
  • Others: Look for any opportunity to charge for add-ons including the management team
Ability to Scale
  • Us: We are able to onboard and train several agents at a time and we scale with your needs. We can get hire new team members within 2 weeks and get them up to speed within 4 weeks. Our “bull-pen” approach allows new team members to work alongside tenured members to learn quickly. Our in-house quality team sets specific measures for new agents to ensure they only go live once they are ready.
  • Others: Burden placed on the internal team to train and scale new team members.

Trusted Customers Are Saying

Leaders at fast growing SaaS companies love our team

This team is Amazing!

Equinox has provided 210,000 proactive support chats that has helped us maintain our high quality of service that is delivered at scale over the last 2 years. The result and quality of every chat is measured and we know it’s working.

VP Customer Service, Infusionsoft
Amazing Service!

Thanks to the Equinox team, we have been able to scale our business from an average of 40 clients per year to adding 30 new clients per month utilizing their knowledge and skill level to create scalable automation campaigns.

Director of Operations, Automated Advisor

Absolutely Superb!

MASSIVE shout out to the WebPT East team! They always amaze with their dedication and innovation. Just yesterday they made this awesome Google Site for all our WebPT needs, especially COVID-19 resources.

Director of Member Care, WebPT

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